Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Companion + Pics

hello semua

well it finally happened, elder Trotter was transferred and i got a new companion. Trotter went to Miri, Sarawak. still in Borneo, just in another state of Malaysia. speaking of that, Sarawak, the other of two states in Eastern Malaysia, Sarawak wants to basically be its own country. so usually if elders have problems moving between countries its because of sarawak. haha anyways my companion is a native! His name is Elder Tadius, and he's from KK, the big city in the state of Sabah, in Eastern Malaysia. he's really not very far from home haha. he can understand most of my enlgish, but he only likes speaking in Malay. so I guess you could say my language is gonna be pretty dang good haha. he's pretty short, and stocky too. it'll be nice to know that i can basically try to explain anything i can think of in a lesson, and know that my companion will be able to clear up any confusion.

so after a while i will probably have some of the best Malay in the mission because Western Malaysia basically doesnt speak Malay, ever, and Sarawak's Malay is only "pure" in the big city of Kuching. there is a tribe of people throughout Malaysia, from the state of Sarawak, called Ibans. they basically speak a dialect of Malay that sounds like malay, just totally unknown words haha. anyways the state i am in, Sabah, is considered to have the most pure Malay. pretty exciting.

it is to be predicted by elder Tadius and Trotter, that i will likely stay in Tawau for quite some time. there is large group coming in in August, and they both think i will be a trainer then. (it is not rare for a missionary to become trainer after 6 months in the field) anyways that still seems far off so i dont really think about it.

this transfer also means that i'm now alot more responsible for the work here in Tawau for a bit until Elder Tadius becomes more familiar with the area and the members and the investigators. it makes me way stressed out if i think about it too much, but i've definitely gained the skill of not letting myself think about EVERYthing, but rather focusing what needs to happen today, or tomorrow. later on with experience i think i'll be goos at planning farther ahead. it's also good because Malaysians themselves only plan a day or two in advance haha.

i have recently gained a testimony and experience in how quickly the Spirit can come when i am willing to love. Love everything. investigators, members, all you guys. when we genuinely love each other, and really just want to help, the Spirit comes and people can feel that. I think that's one of the most important aspects of teachings people. if we show them love, and let them know that we only want to teach them how they can improve their lives, they will be much more likely to keep commitments. if they dont feel it is important, or if they feel they are doing it for the elders, they will do it.

oh ya haha we had another baptism on saturday. her name is Paulina, i got the do the ordinance again :D with Paulina, shes about 50, (looks like 40 at oldest) she didnt really seem to understand the purpose of all our lessons, didnt seem to get the WHY. probably about three weeks before her baptism, we taught her the Restoration again, and for some reason, that time it just clicked for her, and everything after that, the commandments, whatever, was smooth sailing for her. she's really faithful and sweet. her daughter, Shelly, started learning at the same time, and lately has been less enthusiastic about meeting and learning. but i think her mom being baptized has been a great example to her and i'm pretty sure she will be baptized eventually.

always love hearing about stuff at home. i think at this point going fishing sounds like the most fun haha. hopefully you guys will get to go out a lot this summer.

Elder Giblette

haha so the one is a bunch of dudes we found that literally look like they're from the 80s right?! haha they got on the bus and it was just like one after the other these guys with this hair. i couldnt help but start laughin and i finally just asked them if their hair was real or not. one guy was like, in english, "YES! YES! YES! NO! NO! ROCK NOT DEAD!" hahahahah idk why he ever said no, why he yelled. idk know why any of them were doing what they were doing hahaha. but they ended up getting off at the same bus stop as us and we got this gnarly radical wicked picture. they told us they were going to a music studio you can like rent out and "just jam" haha so trotter and i figured they are either really good, or really bad haha

Paulina, who was baptized Saturday

ALL of the young men in the branch with Trotter

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