Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May 31st

hello all!
sorry to have been keeping you on your seats haha! so last week with the late email, no worries, that was cleared by our zone leaders. also this week we went on splits yesterday with the APs for our p-day, so our p-day just got moved to today. i truly appreciate your concern and council though
so last week and this week have been pretty dang exciting as far as the work is concerned! we will be having a baptism for one of our investigators this saturday! her name is Ling-Ling, shes like 22 and phillipino, but born here in tawau, so her malay is really really good, and she can understand a lot of english. we're really excited for her because shes already made some big changes in her life. but she's definitely ready and its gonna be great. basically all of our current investigators are from referrals, and i can now testify to the importance of finding people through investigators and members. i really want to share about all the people we're teaching but it would literally take hours haha. i guess a summary could be that almost all our investigators are very solid, they keep their commitments, last week we had a record number of investigators at church for me and E. Trotter, 8! they enjoy reading from the scriptures. we're jsut enjoying a decent sized pool of investigators that are all very good :)
today i will go to a shop and should get some more definitive news about my camera. last week at semporna we went to that big hill i told you about. also went to a place called floating with the see through floors as hotel rooms and they also have a place with some good sized fish there. tried to look for some good souvenir shops and failed haha. it's too touristy so the shop have all this cheap crap haha. the town smaller than Tawau, and i guess semporna is more like the portal town to get to the diving city. its a cool drive out from Tawau though because you go through some palm oil plantation country and a little bit of jungle also.

ya so the only thing i wanted to add to the package list was those razors. ya im excited though.

so as far as transfer news is concerned it's startin to look like Trotter will be transferred to a zone leader postion. that'll be in two weeks when a very large chunk of elders will be going home. thats basically how the transfer cycles work here. every three months when new elders come in, is when elders get shuffled around. it's lookin like trotter and i will be able to go on a visa run at the same time, so that'll be fun. the senior couple is the Atkinsons. generally senior couples stay in one area their whole mission so they are going anywhere haha. its not that rare to have just us and the senior couple. our area is not really that big, so having more elders wouldnt really be that helpful. i guess when this was english speaking they had two sets of elders and a set of chinese speakers here in Tawau. i cant imagine that lasted long though because there just arent really enough people to support that.

as much as i dont mention it in my emails, i really do appreaciate hearing about whats goin on at home! however boring it may seem to you haha. mom i'm sorry to hear about your pains! i will keep you in my prayers! maybe this is the Lord's way of showing you you work out too much and you're too hard on you body hahaha. just kiddin mommy! i havent really taken any pictures because the senior couples im borrowing isnt very good haha. so hopefully i'll get something figured out soon.

i know i didnt answer all your questions haha but i still love you mom!


Elder Giblette

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