Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May 24th


it seems like its been forever since i emailed! but ya yesterday we went to semporna finally, and it was pretty sweet. the places we were told about were definitely over hyped but we still had a good time. i didnt see anything about diving really, but thats because the diving spots are still a little ways from the semporna city area. but we went to a little place where you could look at fish and the water is pretty dang clear.

Elder Trotter actaully renewed his the same week he picked me up so we'll probly go to Singapore at the same time. normally i'm not sure what they do. i'd probly go somewhere or stay with the senior couple for a few days. idk haha.

that scripture about the sticks is really cool. i've definitely come to know that scripture a lot better. unfortunately people just arent that educated or are not very familiar with the Bible for us to use that scripture. we really do have to teach in the simplest way possible. the mosquitos are slim to none. unless you go into the jungle, then the bugs get pretty annoying, but nothing absurd. last P-day we went on a little jungle trek in like a state park type of deal, but it stunk because we kinda went late and didnt have enough time to get to any of the places we wanted to see, so it just like an hour and a half of walking through the jungle on muddy paths. which was still pretty "bidet" situation is pretty great, i cant lie. i'm definitely used to it. to the point where i do not enjoy the rare occasion i have to use TP.

Ok this is going to sound bad but dont fret over it. my camera, while on the jungle trek, straight up stopped working. i didnt drop it, didnt get it wet. at first it said the battery was dead, but i had a full charge. i'm pretty sure its the camera, not the battery thats the problem. so the camera will just not turn on. theres a place here in tawau that might be able to help out. otherwise i actually have a warranty for the place in singapore, so if nothing turns out before i go back i should be able to figure something out in singapore. so dont worry as of now. the senior couple has an extra camera they are letting me borrow so thats nice.

i cant think of anything else! if you think have any questions or problems about the package just email me and we can wait to send it until after next week when i can email again.

love you all!
Elder Giblette

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