Monday, October 28, 2013

Gen Conf

So we were able to watch conference this weekend, and it was fantastic! We watched the Saturday sessions in English cuz nobody came. but we had members come to both sunday sessions. which i guess last conf, nobody came for the afternoon sesh. My favorite talks were form Eld Dube, and from Pres Uchtdorf. I definitely find myself at times looking back and saying how good it was, and how much i accomplished, so Eld Dube's talk was a good reminder to me that we must always focus on what we have yet to do, and that we can always improve. I could easily say, its been a good 20 months and i deserve to take it easy for these last few, but i know that it is not right. just like keeping our covenants and enduring to the end, I must continue to get better and get stuff done in these last few months. The many talks centered around faith were also very helpful. Overall an excellent conference. One really cool thing was to hear the voice of E Trotter, my trainer, translating a few of the talks! i hope someday i'll have that kind of chance. 

Meanwhile we have yet again met some great people through our working with Less-Actives. One family, who is all baptized, we visited, played a game of UNO and then shared a message about the Atonement. The father participated in the lesson, and afterward the mother, Sis Selina, told us that was the FIRST time he's sat down for a lesson from the elders! then later in a meeting with the senior couple, (sis selina is going to the temple next month) Bro Ting, her husband, said he wanted "enter the church" as in wants to be baptized. So we are very excited at the prospect of completing this family as a complete unit in the church. It seems the Lord is greatly blessing Sis Selina as she prepares to go to the temple. So cool! we also met a friend of Sis Clinet, a long time member who is less-active, and we were able to share about and give her a Book of Mormon. she seems pretty interested. it really makes a difference when the member is there to testify about what the Book of Mormon has done in their own life, whether she is going to church or not. I can tell she felt the Spirit as she bore her own testimony again. a great experience

Transfers are coming soon, next week in fact, and i am pretty anxious. i would really love to stay here for the rest of my mission, but i am thinking i will be transferred. nevertheless, i know that my last area, if not Bintulu, will be full of the same opportunities as i have had here. 

So the Asia Area broadcast we will have this upcoming Sunday. pretty exciting, and i nice break to have two weeks of not worrying about who will teach the sunday school class haha. 

i'll definitely miss the fall season! 

love you all!

Elder Giblette

ps time is running short for all you who dont write me! haha #3 months left

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