Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Malaysia Day

So today is Malaysia Day, which apparently celebrates the joining of Sarawak and Sabah to Malaysia. At first it seems like there are just way too many holidays here, and there are, but it levels out because people here have to work ridiculous hours, so its good that they get more public holidays than they should haha. Anyways we played Futsal with the missionaries and some members from a different branch. Really fun. Bintulu just got a shipment of 3 greenies, so the zone is pretty young now. two of the guys are cool, and i guess "normal" guys, but one looks like he'll struggle haha. anyways its always refreshing to get newbies in the zone haha. 

Pretty average week though for our work. a senior couple from Kuching is in town, giving firesides and training on family history. mostly about using Family tree.orgwhich after seeing, is pretty cool. the church has done a good job making it fun and intuitive for younger people haha. (i sound like an old person) 
We've been to the hospital a couple times, visiting mothers and their sick infants. nothing seriously luckily, so its nice to show our support and concern for the great members here. We've been having pretty good success with helping less-actives come back to church, and one family's 12 year-old son was recently ordained to be a deacon, and has been passing the sacrament for 2 weeks now. its so great to see family's come back to church and feel the love and friendship they once knew. One sister in particular, when i first got to bintulu, wasnt our biggest fan, but since E Robbins came she has been much more welcoming to having us over, and she seems to really enjoy having us. 

Its really exciting to hear about all the stuff happening in Burnsville wight now, and while im not quite ready to leave malaysia, i wouldnt mind being part of the action there! 5 missionaries would be pretty cool, and perhaps burnsville is continuing its legacy of missionaries loving that area.

I also love hearing about all the creative things youre doing with seminary mom, and i know the kids are enjoying it as well haha. its too bad you were my teacher for your first yaer only, when you were atill a greenie teacher :) i couldve been enjoying your expertise, but oh well, i guess thats for kellen and hayden to enjoy. 

i wrote a short message to Paul, i hope it helps him. i think the training period can the best or wrost time of the mission. im sure he just feels like things will never change, and that he'll just be stuck there forever. but he'll make it, hes a tough kid.

sorry i dont have to much to write about. i guess it was a pretty boring week haha. everyone else in bintulu had a bit of a hassle.. they went to singapore to pick up their greenies, and on their way back their flight was cancelled in KL, and they didnt get back until Sunday afternoon, AFTER church haha. 

but ya E Robbins and i have some new plans to find new investigators, so hopefully we can get it done.

love you all!

Elder Giblette

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