Tuesday, October 8, 2013


We have had a pretty productive and interesting week, complete with a tale about a scorpion haha

So the ZLs came down from Miri for exchanges, and although we had to plan a double day to accompany them, we were able to fill the day with good appointments, extending our missionary-like reach to more people than usual :) We were able to have several lessons with one lady, Puyang, who will hopefully be baptized on the 12th of Oct. She is taking great leaps in reading the BofM on her own, and all she needs now is a reliable way to get to church. She is a very sweet lady to attributes her surviving cancer thus far to the Lord, so its great to teach her, and she loves meeting with us. We also tried to meet a lady named Pauline, whose husband is a less-active member, and their family moved to bintulu in january from Miri, a city about 3 hours from Bintulu. Anyways, we set up a great appointment for saturday afternoon, even getting two strong sisters to bring us out there. But upon arriving and calling her for more specific directions, she said she forgot about the appointment, and had gone to the place where her husband works about an hour out of town! but she sounded sincerely sorry, and its not untypical for people here to not really have plans more than a day ahead of time.. But we were able to meet her older sister, who received two copies of the BofM. so now there is even more potential, so we will see how that goes this week.

Also, while at a member's home, in a somewhat remote location, there appeared a scorpion about the length 5 inches at the side of the room. one of the members went to kill it right away, and after maiming it, E robbins said that he wanted it haha. so they captured it in a small tupperware and we brought it home. So E robbins original plan was let it starve so he could preserve it in resin. But i convinced him to try and feed it a cicak (small lizard) ha. So on saturday we did that, and after goading the scorpion on, he struck the cicak, and then grabbed it with his pincer. the feeding commenced haha. it was a slow, gruesome experience but in the end i learned a lot about the anatomy of scorpions. Anyways, we captured a small toad and tried to repeat the experiment, but the scorpion was low on energy, so we decided to postpone till the morrow, when to our great disappointment, the scorpion had passed... So ya we had a bit of fun this week with the local inhabitants. Dont worry is was only the second time ive seen a scorpion on my mission, and the first one was flat on the road haha.

thats pretty interesting about the Jewish festival, and the relationship to the gathering of Israel. somewhat related to that, my companion is from the Tribe of Benjamin, which is pretty rare i think. he has ancestry from Syria, so thats why i suppose.

I always love hearing about all the missionary work that you guys are closely involved with! It will always bring us joy and satisfaction and happiness. other than taking care of ourselves and our families, its the most important thing we can do while on the earth. 

Thats pretty exciting to hear about the latest iPhone. and i suppose it will be the latest model when i get back, so thats cool. i love that picture i sent home of the fake iphone. I always make fun of my member for it haha, but its all in good fun. Thatll be fun mom to get some new wheels. i certainly would not complain if i had the van to drive when i get home :D get something really cool and hip, like a nissan juke or something haha. i love showing my pictures to memberrs cuz they usually fall in love with you mom. many say your hair is "like rockstar" haha. its great! 

Not much else goin on, just havin a great time here. i dont remember if i said this last week, but my dream transfer next transfer would be either 1) split the bandar jaya area and train here to finish my mission or 2) get enough missionaries in bintulu to make it its own zone and then become ZL with E Loke. both arent very likely haha, but unfortunately i dont think i'll be staying in Bintulu fo rthe rest of my mission. but perhaps if my actions merit the mercy of God, i can stay here :) I love it so much!

Love you all
Elder Giblette

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