Monday, October 28, 2013

Greenie in Town

So I went to Singapore and picked up an one Elder Jensen. He's relatively small, thin guy, but athletic. from Cedar Hills, UT. 19 yrs old. loves cars/motorcycles/girls/swimming/guns. kind of a redneck but not at all at the same time. likes to tell stories and is really talkative. lot of energy and questions. anxious to work and learn the language. truly a perfect boost to finish my mission. I think we will have a lot of fun together and will accomplish a lot. I can already tell it's good to have split the area, just cuz of the added and intensified focus that will be given to the members. i would explain how we split it, but it wouldnt mean anything to you haha. but E Robbins and I agree its an even split, so there shouldnt be any disputes in that regard. with the split, i will still be teaching Joshua and Sylvester, and the other companionship will take Bro Ting

Puyang was baptized! it was a great little service, I performed the baptism, and the branch Pres confirmed her. Although she doesnt understand everything, we both strongly felt she was ready to be baptized, and she has wanted to for a long time. It can be a bit daunting to know that you and your comp are responsible for deciding if a child of God is ready to be baptized. Knowing the implications of someone who is not ready, but baptized; or someone who is ready, but has been waiting for the missionaries can be stressful. Nobody wants to baptize someone and then a month later find out they really werent ready and dont want to come to church anymore. But i feel that she is ready, has changed her life, and has a testimony, so the rest is up to her and the branch. 

i left thurs for singapore, and came back friday. we had a district youth activity called super saturday on saturday. pretty fun. always nice to interact with the youth. didnt have too many appointments, but a busy and change-for-the-good week. E Robbins new comp is a native from Kuching, Sarawak, my old zone. so it will be awesome to have him in the house. he's one of the very few Ibans who have served/are serving a mission. The members just love having a missionary who is their own race, and can perfectly speak their own language. It really makes a huge difference. in all aspects of the work. 

other than that, i dont have much to say. we will be going back to singapore on the 7th for zone conference. im glad you sent the package already. i think it will get there in time. dont worry about it not being the best package EVER. i know it will be awesome! 

They do NOT celebrate Halloween here haha. I will work on getting a picture of the church and the house and stuff. its all just nothing new to me haha. but luckily everything is new for elder Jensen, and hes been taking pics of stuff like that :) ya i will definitely need my big coat and a blanket at the airport haha! im gonna DIE! 

welp, I love you all! 
Elder Giblette

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