Saturday, October 12, 2013

Less active work WORKS

We have had a pretty good week. As told by the subject line, we are really starting to see some "buds" sprouting from all the less-active work we have been doing. We were able to meet with a family i have never met with before, and they were super nice and fun, and happy to have us over. I had never met the father, and he came home after we got there, and i was expecting a grumpy guss, but he is one of the nicest guys! I was able to put my math skills to use as well, as i helped the daughter study for her end of term exams. luckily it was only basic geometry, but nevertheless i have been proved wrong. I always say that math is never used in the real world, and although studying for a test isnt really "the real world" i still needed to have some skill in math to help this member  haha.   So Hayden and Kellen, take your schooling seriously, cuz you may go to a place on your mission where the educational system is very poor, and your high school education will be of great VALUE! especially math skills. haha


another great appointment we had was with a member who has been, in the past, one of the core members but has been sidetracked by work in the last couple years. anyways it was also my first time having an official appt with her, and it was also GREAT! we played a couple games of UNO (best game to play anytime haha) and then shared a short message about prayer and the Holy Ghost. the great part was when she shared her conversion story with us, which is quite remarkable, and then told us of a friend who lives nearby who is having a tough time with life right now, and who she feels will greatly benefit from having us teach her. So we are just waiting for this member, Sis Timah, to take us their, and i have a feeling she, Catherine, could be a great investigator. 


a big principle i have learned throughout my mission, but especially in Bintulu, is patience. I cant force people to be ready to receive us when its convenient for me. I cant force my members friends to be ready NOW. There is a time and place for everything, and when the members are ready to share a name of their dear friends with us, they will do so. I think thats the tough thing, elders in the past and now can sort "force" members to introduce friends by constantly asking and encouraging, but it can often turn out to be not the right timing. So ive learned and have been learning that I must be patient, and just continue working with the members and hope that eventually they will want to bring us to their friends/family. 


We are gettin real excited for conference this weekend. then, next week, Asia area is holding a conference which will be broadcast live to us and all other branches/wards in Asia Area. pretty exciting. the lil pinterest quotes were cool mom. did you do any yourself? also, great pic of the temple! 


thats all for this week, folks.


love you!

Elder Giblette

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