Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lots O Pics!

a small bead keychain Sis Eda made for me! way sweet

a tie that I made from traditional (souvineir traditional haha) fabric. my comp did a fashion internship before and is really handy with a needle and thread. so he taught me how to make a tie. this one i did about 80% of the stitching, but ive already made a new one that is way better and i did all the stitching! im pretty CRAFTY!

a tasty Bintulu sunset

the group attached to our branch that live in a longhouse about an hour outside of town. we teach them english and reading each saturday

Bintulu happens to host the Annual Borneo International Kite Festival, so we checked it out for a bit. pretty cool, but not quite on par with an international event hahaha

not much,
but you got yur classic baby with a towel on his face

 and one of the worst names for a doctor haha

Long story short, we caught a scorpion at our members house and then fed a cicak (small lizard) to it on Saturday. it. was. awesome.

goin out to a longhouse to meet a potential investigator with two great members, Sis Sia on the right and sis Dari on the left! Kelvin (Sia's kid) also came. great fun

iPhone 5M hits Bintulu! (M stands for Malysian fake) complete with antenna for better reception.

we also tried to feed a toad to our scorpion, but the scorpion didnt go for it...


me about to crush children

twister Iban style. 4 people, square made up of 4sq tiles, and your opponents calling the shots. classic

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