Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Same Old Same Old

This past week we have had a little success in meeting new less-active families to meet, and we hope in the future that this will produce investigators (as well as help these families come back to church). Meeting new LA fams can be a bit odd sometimes. its hard to tell why they are less-active, and sometimes it is caused by missionaries unfortunately, and therefore it can awkward trying to get to know people sometimes haha. but for the most part they are happy to have us in their homes. Our three investigators who have baptismal dates have made good progress this week. They are Puyang, and Joshua & Sylvester, who are brothers. joshua has for the most part been pretty uninterested when we meet, and mostly just doing it to follow his bro, but in our last lesson he wasnt distracted by his phone, and he was answering questions. So we set a new date fro them on the 2 of Nov. They come to church pretty regularly, but they often just sit in the back and chat, sometimes even skipping class. So we need to see them become more serious about participating and stuff. but of course its hard to get the attention of a teenager who doesnt really seem to care. Puynag is doing really well, and has started to read regularly on her own from the BofM, but she does not have reliable transport to church.. She really wants to go, but her nephew, a recent convert himself, works on Sunday and doesnt seem to care for the church much anymore... So hopefully she and her member older sister (they are 40 and 43 years old) can take some initiative and get to church.

that is so awesome that you guys hosted a lesson! i can only imagine how great a "member present" you guys would be haha! and to have the mission president would be way cool! Ive always wondered how it would be to have Pres Mains follow us to a teaching appointment.. i know he does it on very rare occasion, but even if he did follow he wouldnt be able to really contribute anything cuz of the language barrier haha. But that really is so cool, and I hope those elders know what they are getting in having the children of members babysit their investigator's children while teaching a lesson at a members house. That's like the unattainable dream lesson haha. keep it up! 

Sorry i dont have any new pictures for you this week.. ive been pretty boring i guess. cant believe September is gone already. im sure i'll be saying "cant believe December is over already" before i know it! dont worry im not THAT ready to come home yet. Its really the essence of a bitter sweet moment. cant wait to come home but never want to leave these people. Cant wait to be free of an over abundance of rules, but never want to stop living at this level of spirituality... oh well, im not the first one to do it eh? 

We will have conference on the 12th and 13th of Oct. so a week behind you guys as usual. apparently last conference here in bintulu they had the afternoon session set up but zero people came.. so the missionaries just watched it in English at the senior's house. So we'll see how this one works out. im really hoping that I'll be able to keep up with the translation, and Im pretty confident that i will be able to. the ultimate test of language skills haha. 

sorry you have to again find a new office manager dad, i laughed when i read that she had quit after the second day haha. I just cant imagine going home early from my mission based on my own choice/actions like some elders have done in this mission recently. They are just missing out on so much! I emailed Paul Evans 2 weeks ago, and while he said its tough, it sounds like he's willing and ready to stick it out. i told him that he'll have some of the best bragging rights after its all said and done. not many missionaries get put into his situation. i can only think of a few situations comparable to that in the Singapore mission. 

So s my plaque still up, or have they had to move it to make room for the new peeps? so crazy the boom of missionaries in burnsville ward. when savage members joined, it was like grafting in the goodly olive branches haha. i expect nobody expected it to flourish so much. Savage membership is really where its at! 

I hope you all also have a great week! Love you all

Elder Giblette

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