Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Transfer Week

So earlier today we got transfer news, and Im STAYING in bintulu! im pretty pumped about it, as i really dont want to leave this great place. The members have been bothering us about whether we are being transferred or not, and despite having elders for over ten years, they still havent figured out how transfers work hahaha... but Elder Robbins is also staying, so we will be together for another 6 weeks, which is fine by me. So in my dreams, this will set me up to train the last 3 months of my mission in Bintulu. So they will split Bandar jaya and i will train and die here. (all in my dreams haha) 

So Lucyana was indeed baptized this past weekend, and it was a great service, with three children being baptized from another branch. She is 19 and lives with one of our strongest members and her daughter, so I think as far as being in a nurturing environment, shes in the best as a new convert. Our work is coming back to a point where we will need to start finding/teaching new people, as out pool shrinks a bit again with another baptism. Its easy to simply be content with a relatively light workload, but I am realizing i can and need to do more. Always, always things to be improving on. 

So as you will find in the pictures i sent, my sewing expert companion has taught me how to hand sew ties. so the red tie in the picture is totally from scratch, and i myself did about 80% of the stitching. it doesnt take very long either, and its fun to do during our free time. 

Its so good to hear that Kellen and hayden are doing awesome in seminary! Im glad that my bad example didnt rub off on them haha, but it woudve been fun to attend seminary at the same time as kellen. Anyways seminary at times seems like a distant dream, and other times like i just finished it. I guess thats like high school as well. 

So each transfer p-day, we have a BBQ at the beach, and today before doing that, our district went to the tiny Bintulu zoo. its not much to see, but the main attractions are the hornbill and the crocodiles. We smuggled a chicken into the zoo, and attempted to feed it to one of the crocs, but it wasnt interested. and to make us feel silly, one of the employees walked by shortly after we tossed it in, and wasnt too happy about us doing it hahah. but in the end they didnt do anything, so its not a big did. Malaysia Boleh! 

Theres not much to report on haha. as of this transfer, i have 4.5 months left, unless i got to February  but i think i will go in Jan. not sure yet though! 

Love you all!

Elder Giblette

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